Configurable Form Components

How to use FormDataComponent and DynamicForm

This tutorial covers the components Dynamic Form and Form Data Table. They are components that both use the configurable form widget to define a form that the user can interact with.

A Dynamic Form is a table that is like a non-modal dialog box. Here the programmer configures the layout of the form, which should include a submit button to take action. The programmer defines a handler for the submit button that takes the desired action.

A Form Data Table is similar to a JSON Data Table except the user enters data into a configurable form rather than text editor. The configurable form is defined by the programmer. When the user changes the value, the save bar appears just as if the user changed the value of a data table. When the user saves, the data is saved to an internal data table which can be accessed from model code.

In both of these components the programmer must define the layout for the form. More detail about using the configurable form is available in the programming guide Configurable Forms.

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